Saturday, January 7, 2012

OS default=client of time server=recover a file of linux os

OS default
[root@localhost named]vim  /etc/grub.conf
just type here  "1" for windows "0" for linux
Time server client configuration
[root@localhost named]
vim  /etc/ntp.conf
just type here  server IP or server name 
[root@localhost named]vim  /etc/ntp/step_tickers
just type here  server IP 
[root@localhost named]service ntpd restart
[root@localhost named]system-config-data 
here go to networktime tab -add -server  IP-ok 
recover a file of linux os
at first  insert a CD into CD ROM  the reboot the PC press "a" during booting type here  "linux rescue"-enter
then you should  to take step as your requirement * 

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