Saturday, January 7, 2012

domain client configuration

[root@localhost named] rpm  -qa  ypbind
[root@localhost named]rpm -ivh  ypbind
[root@localhost named]rpm  -ivh  portmap 
[root@localhost named]rpm  -ivh ypserver
[root@localhost named]authconfig-tai  
domain name  or sever name & server IP 
[root@localhost named]getent  passwd  username  ( to check)
[root@localhost named]vim   /etc/auto.master  
/disc       /etc/auto.disc
/home      /etc/auto.home
save &  exit
[root@localhost named]vim   /etc/auto.home
*    -fstype=nfs      domainIP:/home/$
save  & exit 
* means   any user  can  to log in
if  we provide username to * then  only that user  will gets  access to log in
[root@localhost named] service autofs  restart 

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