Saturday, January 7, 2012

automount & one more user creat at a time

root@localhost named]vim  /etc/auto.master
/misc    /etc/auto.misc
copy the above line   & edit like as the following --
/mountpoint to misc      /etc/
such as   /momin      /etc/
root@localhost named]vim  /etc/
*    -fstype=nfs   serverIP:/data  (source)   /test (mount point)
root@localhost named]service autofs   restart
root@localhost named]cd  /test
root@localhost named]ls   ( to see)
one more user creat  at  a time      
root@localhost named]vim  myusers1 
type here ----
"for  u in u1 u2 u3 u4"
useradd  $u
echo  123| passwd  --stdir  $u 
passwd  $u   ( when he will first log in then he input a password that is his password)  
save &  exit
[root@localhost named]sh   myusers1    (run this command)

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